Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wear Blue Movement

There is a girl in my grade who has a sister in my oldest brothers grade who has been cyber bullied.  Sadly, she killed herself .So in her remembrance everyone in my school and many other places(in went viral) wore blue the girls favorite color.  Her family donated her organs and now she is a hero.  It is so sad that the cyber bullying was that bad and she got lots help from her parents. I was glad that everyone in my school wore blue.  The girls sister, who is in my grade I've know since 1st grade and she is really nice and funny.  DON'T CYBER BULLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Rearrange My Room

I rearranged my whole room, Saturday night without my mom knowing or help from anyone.

  • I cleaned my little "playhouse" out and made it my dogs room
  • I moved my 2 book shelf to make a tiny library
  • I moved my bed across the skinny part of my room
  • I put my desk in front of a little window in my playhouse
  • I moved all my posters near my bed
  • I put my dresser on the wall near my windows
Also other things that would makes this post even more boring.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Hunger Games ,the Movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Thursday i went at midnight to the awesome premier of THE HUNGER GAMES, Really Awesome book/trilogy great movie.  I went with 13 other people most of which are teen girls, preteen girls and women(3 teen boys boys.)  I got my nails painted like fire from someone in my ward.  I got fire because Katniss Everdeen the girl on fire.  I also got a homemade shirt that says " I love the Boy with the Bread"  The boy with the bread is the charactor Peeta Mellark.  The hunger games showed a lot less blood that I execpted.    the HUNGER GAMES  was a really really really cool movie.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Christmas came. On Christmas Eve ... my family went to Union station in D.C. We ate at a restaurant in there. Then went to the Botanical Gardens with trains and buildings made completely of natural was soooo cool. Before that we went to the national Christmas tree,super tall not fake and behind the capitol building. This year it was California decorating. After that we went to my grandmas house. i made cookies with grandma,played UNO, rolling an exerisce ball with my 1 and a 1/2 cousin,watch a movie,opened PJ's[my are teddy bear and white dots!!]Then saw "Rudolph". Then we headed for the hills as my grandpa likes to put it. When we got home , me and mt bros got games and stayed up tell about 11. Then tried to go to sleep. Then my dog woke up at about 3am. We got to see the gifts "Santa" left us. I got 2 18inch doll outfits, Alex got a table to make paper things on,Shawn a hammock, David a got a GIANT hockey net, Greg got trash squeaky things. Then we got ready for our hour church at 9. Then we opened presents. I got slippers, the Game of Life,50 colored pencils, 2 sketch pads, and............A KINDLE. My dad surprised my mom with one too!!!! Then we went to my aunt and uncles house. Where we had dinner. I got 2 gift card for amazon,slippers, and a soccer american girl outfit.

Friday, November 4, 2011


For Halloween every year we go to my uncles house to go trick-or-treating. Nobody gives us that much candy but the houses are close together and the neighborhood is ginormous. Also there are other huge neighborhood connected to it. This year I was a boy French artist with a "mustache". While we were trick-or-treating there was 2 guys that were bananas were laughing and running. Then a guy in a GORILLA costume was chasing them. It was hilarious. after we finished walking we played some fun games(ask my mom for details). Then we got home went to bed and i had an examine next morning!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Eating like a Human.

This summer I got a puppy named Percy. He is half American bulldog and half german shepard-collie. .He is so cute

Kings Dominion

Me driving an old time car!
My cousin Bradons first rollar coaster

I went to Kings Dominion on monday it was super fun. I went with my moms family. I went on a Gaint water funnel with a water slide leading you to the funnel and your on a floaty thing with 2-3 other people. I also went the volcano,a green one and a lot of other ones. I had so much fun. The only bad parts were #1 David getting sick and #2 getting a headache. Most of the day I stayed with my Taylor and Trey. Plus my mom and David. We had a lot of fun at Kings Dominion.